I was born and raised in a region known as the steel valley, in Brazil. All my memories growing up are emotionally rich and colorful. My journey as an entertainer began at the age of three, when the need to stretch beyond the comfort of exclusive performances for my grandfather motivated my debut on a real stage, as a toddler ballerina. Once I broke free from the distractions of being in the spotlight, art took the shape of a liberating tool in my life. In 2006, love carried me all the way from Brazil to the United  States, an adventure that enabled me  to 

dive-into a new culture and further my creative path. I’ve since been calling myself a writer, an actress, a producer and a storyteller, in that respective order. I’ve traveled the world but I’m a home body by nature. A pistachio lover and a coconut water addict, I never know what to order at restaurants. Yet, I’ve managed to figure out what I want from life. We only live once. I believe in making it count, keeping an open mind, finding beauty in the ordinary and eating carbohydrates.

… A truly powerhouse performance. First-rate performance by Flavia Borges …Hedy Weiss – Sun-Times

Perfect combination of vulnerability, strength and emotionality. Makes adjustments crucial to filmmakingKellee Terrell – Director

Beautiful soulful voice and stage presence! A joy to watch
Gillian Kelly – Director


Coming Soon Ladylike @ Digital Series http://www.fruttihatfilms.com/ladylike

Seeking shelter in the confines of a small apartment, three lonely women in their late twenties overcome limits of intimacy and bond over one common enemy.

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Coming Soon The Deadline @Short Film http://thedeadlineshortfilm.com/g

The Deadline is a comedic short film with an absurd sense of humor. It’s about a playwright who goes to a cafe to work on a play but can’t write because of …
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12.05.16 It's You @ Webseries https://https://youtu.be/u53bp6FQuFE?list=PLhZIrFLdUlHwDDiCRFsUE3KZvcoGZT7c-

In which Abby once again travels into her past, tries to make amends with her younger self and ends up hiding in an alley.
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05.04.16 The Devil Between Us @ Frutti Hat Films http://www.fruttihatfilms.com/dbetween

Two strangers contemplating suicide for different reasons are stuck on roof. This film explores the idea of survival and finding likeness in the most unlikely of human interactions.

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